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Protect your property in a smart way

Trackito is a small security device, which helps to protect the property in which it is placed.

It can monitor its location and movement and it can raise alarm in your mobile phone or tablet in case of theft.

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How Trackito works?


Why choose TRACKITO

No need for frequent charging because of long battery life

TRACKITO - Up to half a year without charging
Trackito can be easily charged using a USB cable, and in addition, you can connect it to an external power source permanently.

The device can be used immediately after unpacking

You don't need to buy a separate SIM card, the card is already a part of the package and it works all around the world.
TRACKITO - Contains a SIM card

No more hidden data-related fees

TRACKITO - no hidden fees
We've paid for the first year for you. More data for the next period can be simply purchased on-line. Here you can find the tariff pricelist.

Using Trackito, you can easily protect everything you care about

No more fear of thievery. You always know the location of your property with Trackito.
TRACKITO - examples of use

TRACKITO will protect anything

Special option for your bike.
TRACKITO - Dimensions

Share TRACKITO with friends or family members

Through the application, the module can also be controlled by members of your family and your friends, but only if you let them.
TRACKITO - Sharing with multiple users


Simple application,
developed for Android and iOS, provides simple control.

  • Be aware

    Clear display of the most important information about every module

  • Track

    Large map shows the last known exact location of TRACKITO.

  • Personalize

    Simply add a photo of your device or choose from ready icons.

  • Share with anyone

    Through the application, the module can also be controlled by members of your family and your friends, but only if you let them.

  • Try the application

    Download application for your device directly

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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer to your question in the list, don't hesitate to write us!

Where does TRACKITO work?

TRACKITO can be used in all countries of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA and Russia. Data tariff price differs in accordance with country in which the device was purchased (see terms and conditions).

Do I need my own SIM card?

NO. TRACKITO is equipped with a built-in SIM chip card, which connects to the Internet via Vodafone and partner networks, in Norway via Telenor and Netcom.

Do I have to pay monthly fees?

The stated purchase price includes TRACKITO module with pre-paid data for one year. After the year elapses, you can purchase more data directly in the administration section. Internet fees to your provider are not included. Here you can find the tariff pricelist.

How are the data limited?

Data consumption is set to a maximum of 3 MB per month + 12 MB data package which can be drawn any time during a year period. This limit is sufficient for regular use of TRACKITO. However, if the module is in the Tracking mode often or for long periods of time, the pre-paid data might be exceeded. If your data consumption approaches the total limit, we will inform you via e-mail. You can increase your data limit at any time directly from TRACKITO administration section.

What is the battery life?

The battery life is up to 6 months under regular use. Battery life is affected especially by quantity of tracking, frequency of changes of location, outside temperature and module settings parameters.

Where can I buy TRACKITO?

You can buy Trackito in our E-Shop and at the retailers listed on this websites.

Where to purchase Trackito

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